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Hey there,

Carrie here! Welcome to my blog & website. I’m going to skip over the introductory’s, but if you want to know a bit more about me, hop on over to the the “about us” link at the bottom of the home screen! 

So today is the day! Today is May 1st. Today is the day when I said I would officially open my website. Today is the day I said I would officially start blogging. Today is the DAY!! It’s crazy saying that out loud because I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year. Yea I’ve had a shop since 2015, a Facebook page, even had (still have) an Etsy store, & I started talking more about my house & DIY’s on Instagram. But a website/blog is something much bigger to me than all of those things & finally telling myself that I needed to actually follow through with it? Welp, here I am! 

I am SUPER horrible with technology. So when I decided I wanted to do this; that was it. It was just something that I WANTED. I didn’t tell anyone and I wasn’t doing anything to make it happen, it was like I just wanted it to magically get done. 

Then, I was asked to speak at our local high school to students about careers/jobs. I was paired with another gal who has created a career as a food blogger. After listening to each-other give the same short speech to 5 different groups of kids, we found ourselves chatting. (Small side note- we live in a super small town so we have known each other or about each other previously before this day.) I caught myself listening to her. And I mean REALLY listening to her. Her story, goals, dreams, & realized she was once in the same place that I am now. After we were done speaking to the kids, she flat out asked me what I was doing? What my goal was and what I was doing to make it happen. I was immediately speechless because I was so excited to tell this boss lady my dreams and goals, but then realized- what the heck HAVE I done to try and reach this goal? And quite honestly the answer sucked. I told her what I wanted, but that I had reached a road block in actually making it happen. That road block? Was myself. Telling myself that I hated technology and couldn’t figure this out so I just stopped trying without even realizing it. And you know what this sweet soul did? She put a fire under my ass and said your doing this! She immediately messaged me a ton of links and information, even reached out to a gal who helped her with her blog, and basically got me started. So shout out to Julie at “Julie’s Eats & Treats”! 


That day wrapped into one was the day I decided to finally start. The funny thing was, & still is, that it was all of the small details of that day that finally inspired me. Most of those kids stared blankly at us or were goofing off because, well, they’re kids! But I honestly felt such a high after speaking with them for the fact that if I was able to inspire even ONE of those kids to follow their dreams, that my heart would be so full. And that, that was such an amazing irreplaceable feeling.

So here I am! I’m finally doing this! Happy May 1st & I hope you decide to follow along & even purchase some goodies! 

Much love!! 

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  • YAY!! This is so exciting!! Love your website & blog already!! Can’t wait to follow along! So happy you share your gifts & talents and always follow your dreams! Love you, lady!!

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