DIY cane/rattan king headboard

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This project was something I decided to do on a whim! Super easy & fairly in-expensive for a headboard. Total amount spent was roughly $130.00 including shipping for the cane webbing. 

Supplies needed 

-Two 1x3x8’s

-One 1x3x4

-Cane webbing 

-Drill & screws 

-Kreg jig


 First things first- figure out the size you want your headboard. I basically went off our old one and then off the measurements of our bed. I ended up doing 75.5” long. For the width, again I went off our old headboard and chose to do 23”. (My finished product ended up being 23.5” wide by 75.5” long) 

Once I figured out the size I wanted, I ordered my cane webbing. I ordered it from Amazon & it was beautiful! The photos on Amazon look darker than the actual product. My photos are not edited so you can see the actual coloring! I ordered the 18” wide.

Now for the “look” of my headboard. I wanted the wood pieces to be fairly thin so I chose 1x3’s. Our local lumber yard didn’t have any in stock so I bought 1x4’s and cut them down to 3” wide with a table saw. (If you choose 1x4’s, the actual width is 3.5”. A 1x3’s width is 2.5”)

Now to start cutting! I cut two pieces at 75.5”. The webbing was roughly 18” wide so to give me enough excess to staple to the frame boards, I cut my inside boards at 17.25”. After cutting all my pieces I sanded them down & used my kreg jig to make screw holes. If you’ve never used a kreg jig- GET ONE! It pre drills holes for you at an angle. SO nice.

Next is putting the frame together! For this step, it’s nice to have clamps to hold the wood not only in place, but flush with the other board. Screw all your pieces together. 

Cane webbing. I started by stapling two corners. I ended up pulling one of the corners staples out and stapling all down one long side. I did this so I could pull the webbing tight and straight on one side and then the other. Trim any excess webbing & your done!

I attached this to the wall by simply screwing holes threw the front of the frame. If you don’t want your screws to show I would recommend any picture hanging hardware.

I also wanted to point out that you can make this look even more like a headboard by adding “legs”. I didn’t care if I added wood legs because I knew I wanted it attached to the wall as far as it moving. That’s it! 

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