D.I.Y. Yarn tassel wall hanging

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Our babe is officially 5 weeks old! It has been such an amazing journey & I’m loving every minute of being a mom.

Right before Harlow made her appearance, my last project was her yarn hanging above her crib. This was a pretty simple project & was perfect for my 9 month pregnant self! It was a relatively inexpensive project, but CAN be expensive depending on the type of yarn you buy. I lucked out & got all my yarn on sale at Joanne’s Fabric! So let’s start the process!

Side note- I planned this project perfectly during a snow storm...

We just had a blizzard with a ton of snow & to start this project I needed a stick. So the Sunday after the storm we went outside, Nick to move snow & me to find the perfect stick!

(Photo credit Michele Nelson Photography-Morris MN) 






-Knife/sander (optional)

-Saw (optional)

So basically you start by gathering your supplies! I wanted a natural color stick so I used a combination of a knife & sander to remove the bark. Once I removed the bark I cut the stick to the length I wanted. I wanted it slightly shorter than our crib so I cut it at a length of 48”. Set your stick aside.

Time to make the tassels! Grab your yarn, book, & scissors. The width of the book, will be how long your tassel is so I chose a smaller book. You’ll start by taking your yarn and wrapping it around your book holding the starting end with one finger.

Continue to wrap the yarn around your book. I overlapped the yarn where I was holding the beginning strand with my finger so it stayed in place. The more you wrap the yarn around the book, the thicker your tassel will be. I wrapped mine approximately 40-50 times. Once you’ve wrapped the yarn around to your liking, you’ll cut it from the yarn bundle.

Next you’ll be cutting a strand of yarn that will be how long your tassel hangs from your stick. I cut mine all fairly long because you can always shorten it when it comes to hanging! I cut mine maybe 24”. You’ll take this strand of yarn and run it underneath all of the wrapped yarn around your book. I did it on the “pages” side because there’s a tiny gap there from the outside of your book covers. Pull tight & tie in a knot.

Then you will cut your yarn wrapping on the opposite side removing everything from your book.

Cut a shorter strand a little longer than the length of your tassel. You’ll wrap this around the top of your tassel and tie in a knot.

There’s your first tassel!! Repeat these steps until you have the number of tassels you want!

Once you are finished making all your tassels I simple tied them around the stick cutting the excess yarn off right next to the knots. I hung mine at different heights, but you can also hang at the same height, or whatever you feel like!

Maizee wanted to help!
To hang my entire project above the crib, I simply took a strand of yarn & tied it to each of end of the stick.

And there ya have it! A simple project that even a tired uncomfortable 9 month prego lady can do! I even made a few extra and hung throughout the nursery! 

(Photo credit Michele Nelson Photography-Morris MN) 

Love, Carrie & baby Harlow 

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  • Thank you so much Maggie! Such a fun easy DIY! :)

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  • I LOVE THIS!!! You are so, so creative! I’m adding this to my list of DIY projects! Love your blog so much :-)

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